2019 Tournament Double Elimination

The first round consists of eight groups of eight players. The eight groups of play on eight tables, (one group on each table). Each group will see a total of ten matches, played out as shown below. Two straight wins will qualify a player for the last 32 while two straight defeats will spell elimination. The final set of matches in the group will feature players with one win and one defeat competing to stay in the competition. Four players from each group qualify for the knock-out stages.

Following the Double Elimination stage the draw for the last 32 stage will be made. This will take place in the main arena shortly after 16:00 (once Sky have gone off air). Players qualifying with two wins and no defeats will be drawn at random to play against a player who has qualified with two wins and one defeat. The matches will be added to the tournament draw sheet in the order in which they are drawn, thus determining the draw for the rest of the competition.

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